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Academic Skills SWK1063 Module
Adaptation LIT3061 Module
Addiction: Crime and Criminalisation SOC3056 Module
Advanced Adult Assessment and Examination NURM109 Module
Advanced Clinical Assessment NURM074 Module
Advanced Macroeconomics ECN3011 Module
Advanced Microeconomics ECN3012 Module
Advanced Qualitative Methods (Health & Society) GRA8013 Module
Advanced Quantitative Data Analysis (Health & Society) GRA8012 Module
Algeria: French Rule and the War for Independence HIS3031 Module
American Dreams, American Nightmares: Race, Class, Gender LIT1048 Module
American Politics in a Global Age IRD2087 Module
Anatomy & Physiology SLS1035 Module
Applied Logistics; Procurement and Supply STRM064 Module
Applying Understanding of Nursing Professionalism and Protection of the Public in Nursing NPR2068 Module
Approaches to Language Learning - Theory and Method EDUM134 Module
Aspects of European Politics IRD2013 Module
Assessing the Needs of Individuals with Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties OCR501 Module
Assessment for Early Years Teacher Status EYS3129 Module
Becoming a Midwife MID3026 Module
Bodies and Performances: Thinking Sex and Gender LIT3077 Module
Brand Stories and Consumer Behaviour MKT1044 Module
Career Futures: Employability Skills HRMM072 Module
Career Futures: Employability Skills STRM078 Module
Career Futures: Employability Skills ENVM073 Module
Centre & Margins: Postmodernity & After LIT2068 Module
Children's Development and Observations EYS1113 Module
Children's Health and Wellbeing EYS1114 Module
CJS2036 CJS2036 Module
Client Conceptual Experience FSH2119 Module
Collaborating for Social Change SWK3026 Module
Communication, Freedom and Democracy IRD1009 Module
Community Impact Project MED3052 Module
Community Leadership Management and Enterprise NURM036P Module
Community Re-ablement SWK2054 Module
Competencies for International Employability BUS1016 Module
Constructing and Developing My Nursing Identity NPR2067 Module
Contemporary Communities of Practice OTHM023 Module
Contemporary Practice in Unplanned Care NUR3059 Module
Contemporary Social Issues SWK1061 Module
Core Competencies for Working with Children and Young People (CYP IAPT) PSYM095 Module
Crime, Policing & Punishment in England, 1700-1900 HIS2010-STD Module
Curriculum Approaches and Play in Children's Learning EYS2117 Module
Curriculum Changemakers and Innovators ITT3060 Module
Death and Bereavement in Britain, c. 1500-1914 HIS3032 Module
Decolonising the Bookshelf LIT1046 Module
Democracy in Action IRD2046 Module
Designing for 21st Century Learning EDUM154 Module
Designing for the 21st Century Learning EDUM129 Module
Developing a Circular Economy ENVM062 Module
Developing Competence in Safe, Effective Administration and Optimisation of Medicines for Nursing Associates NPR1035 Module
Developing Primary English EDUM125 Module
Developing Research Leadership GRA8009 Module
Development and Change in the Global South DEV3001 Module
Development Economics DEV2002 Module
Diagnostic Reasoning NURM075 Module
Digital Culture and Print Media LIT1045 Module
Digital Manufacturing ENGM010 Module
Digital Twins and Internet of Things BSOM078 Module
Discovering my Identity as a Nursing Associate NPR1032 Module
Doctor of Professional Practice DDOCPROFP Module
Econometrics ECN3013 Module
Electromagnetism for Engineers ENG2054 Module
Engagement and Assessment in Enhanced Evidence Based Practice PSY3050 Module
English (3-7) ITT3018 Module
Enhancing Health and Well Being SWK2056 Module
Enhancing the Expert Primary School Teacher ITT3061 Module
Enterprise in the Circular Economy Value Chain BSOM085 Module
ENV2142 Impacts of Pollution ENV2142 Module
Environmental Pollution ENV1127 Module
European Integration IRDM030 Module
Evaluating Approaches for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum SENM027 Module
Evaluation and Audit in Practice GRA8008 Module
Evidence Based Interventions for Common Mental Health Problems with Children and Young People (Theory and Skills) PSYM104 Module
Evidence Based Research Project NUR4003 Module
Exercise as Medicine SPO3052 Module
Exploring Pedagogy and Practice EDUM149 Module
Exploring the Evidence Base for Nursing Associates NPR1034 Module
Field Work ENVM070 Module
Finance and Procurement Management STRM073 Module
Financial and Banking Economics ECN2016 Module
Foundations of Practice for Nursing Associates NPR1036P Module
From Fairy Tale to Fantasy: Children’s and Young Adult Literature LIT2067 Module
Fundamentals of Project Management STRM071 Module
Fundamentals of Supply Chain BUS1011 Module
Geographical Techniques 2 GEO2033 Module
Global Ethics and Identities IRD3037 Module
Global North: Power and Transformations IRD2105 Module
Globalisation and Development in the 21st Century DEV2001 Module
Globalisation and the Experience Economy LEI1010 Module
Health and Social Research Methods for the Evidence Based Practitioner NUR3066 Module
How Music Works MUS2140 Module
Ideas and Actors in International Development DEV1003 Module
Independent and supplementary prescribing for Nurses and AHPs NURM114 Module
Individual Engineering Project ENGM005 Module
Information Technology for Business BUS2017 Module
Integrated Care for Women with Complex Needs MID2027 Module
Intermediate Macroeconomics ECN2018 Module
International Destination Management for Tourism and Hospitality LEI3014 Module
International Development: Social and Cultural Issues and Debates DEV1001 Module
International Field Module IRD2102 Module
International Relations Research Methods and Dissertation IRDM084 Module
International Relations Theory: Great Debates, New Directions IRDM025 Module
International Trade and Commerce BUS3019 Module
Introduction to Drawing ART1015-STDIL Module
Introduction to Fitness Training Methods SPO1012 Module
Introduction to Heritage HIS1019 Module
Introduction to International Relations IRD1068 Module
Introduction to International Relations SOC1068 Module
Introduction to Key Economic Thinkers ECN1014 Module
Introduction to Microeconomics ECN1015 Module
Introduction to Midwifery Practice MID1020P Module
Introduction to Physical Education and School Sport SPO1013 Module
Investigations into your Subject Area 1 - Arts Cognate Group FDN010 Module
Investigations into your Subject Area 2 - Arts Cognate Group FDN013 Module
Joint Project - A ENV4103 Module
Knowledge in English for Academic Purposes EDUM152 Module
Laboratory and Field Research Methods ENVM067 Module
Labour Economics ECN2015 Module
Language in English for Academic Purposes EDUM151 Module
Leadership, Team-Working and assessment in the Police Service CJS3217 Module
Leading Clinical Teams NUR3067 Module
Learning to Learn FDN018 Module
Life on Earth ENV1126 Module
Literature and Revolution LIT3076 Module
Literature and the Real World LIT2065 Module
Living with Mental Health Issues SWK2058 Module
Low Intensity Supervision Practice PSYM115 Module
LTI List Testing LTI001 Module
Major Organisations in the International Order IRDM079 Module
Major Organisations in the International Order SOCM079 Module
Managing Project Teams HRMM068 Module
Mathematics for Economists ECN1013 Module
Medieval Chivalry and its Afterlives HIS2030 Module
Memories of War HISM053 Module
Mentorship Programme (Unaccredited) MID3023 Module
Mentorship Programme Level 7 NURM087 Module
Methodology and Research Design for Politics and International Relations IRDM051 Module
OCR Level 5 & 7 Diploma in Assessing & Teaching Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) ODIPOCRL5 Module
Operational Leadership and Management SWKM030 Module
Operations Management 1 BSO2203 Module
Organisational Culture and Work Environments STRM066 Module
Pathogen Biology SLS3011 Module
People, Place and Community CJSM007 Module
Personal, Academic, and Professional Development 1 EYS1118 Module
Perspectives on Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties SENM030 Module
PHY3001 - Developing Professionalism and Collaborative Practice PHY3001 Module
PHYM001 Evidence-based Neurological Practice. PHYM001 Module
PHYM002. Evidence-based Cardio-Respiratory Practice PHYM002 Module
Physical Healthcare of Older Adults NURM039 Module
Placement ENVM071 Module
Placement 1 Primary Education 5-11 ITT3051P Module
Placement 2 Primary Education 5-11 ITT3052P Module
Placement 3 Primary Education 5-11 ITT3053P Module
Planning and Supporting Permanence SWKM009 Module
Political Economies of International Development IRDM078 Module
Politics and Ideology in International Relations IRD3028 Module
Politics In The UK IRD1002 Module
Popular Music Studies 2 MUS2125 Module
Power and Vision: Introduction to Politics IRD1026 Module
Practitioner Led Development Project EDUM146 Module
Practitioner Researcher ITT1029 Module
Principled Youth and Community Work SWKM029 Module
Principles of Research (Health and Society) GRA8011 Module
Product Design ENGM011 Module
Professional Development 1 - Early Years EYS1115 Module
Professional Development 2 EYS2118 Module
Professional Development for Tourism and Events LEI1026 Course
Professional Project OTHM010 Module
Professional Project SWKM026 Module
Professional Recognition and Scholarship CAIERO-EDUM127 Module
Professional Research (Health & Society) GRA8014 Module
Professional Skills for Marketing Practice MKT1043 Module
Professional Studies MID1022 Module
Professional Studies ITTM004 Module
Professional Studies ITT1028 Module
Professional Studies-3 Early Years ITT3039 Module
Professionalism and Public Protection for Nursing Associates NPR1033 Module
Project Design and Ethics GRA8007 Module
Promoting Normality Through Research MID2026 Module
Providing Gender Sensitive Care NUR1032 Module
Psychological and Sociological Perspectives on Human Behaviour SWKM023 Module
Public Economics and Public Policy ECN3014 Module
Public Health SLS2012 Module
Public Health and the Midwife MID1023 Module
Readiness for Practice SWK1069 Module
Readiness for Practice SWKM021 Module
Reading and Writing Our World LIT1049 Module
Representing class: Stories and Conflicts LIT2070 Module
Research and Enterprise for Enhanced Academic Practice EDUM128 Module
Research in Health and Social Care SWK2057 Module
Resource Recovery Systems ENVM063 Module
Risk Management in Financial Institutions FINM045 Module
School Experience 3 (3-7) ITT3016P Module
School Experience Primary 1a ITT1035P Module
Science Communication SLS1017 Module
Service Excellence Design LEI3025 Module
Setting Experience 1 EYS1116P Module
Setting Experience 1 Early Years (0-5) EYS3130P Module
Setting Experience 2 EYS2119P Module
Setting Experience 2 Early Years (0-5) EYS3131P Module
Setting Experience 3 Early Years (0-5) EYS3132P Module
Social Policy and Law SWKM022 Module
Socialisation, conformity and deviance CRI1001 Module
Sociological Research & Reflection in Action SOC2116 Module
Specialism 3: Learning and Teaching; Contemporary Issues in Education ITT3017 Module
Speech and Language and Communication Needs SENM031 Module
Sport Management SPOM028 Module
States, Empires and the Changing Global Order IRD1025 Module
Storytelling for News JOU1015 Module
Strategic Management Across Cultures BUS3020 Module
Strategic Management of the Digital Organisation (Degree Apprenticeship) BSO3217 Module
Strategic Marketing Management MKTM044 Module
Subject & Pedagogical Knowledge in the Teaching of Number, Calculation, Measures & Data Handling within the National Curriculum for Mathematics EDUM097 Module
Subject Based Studies in Learning and Teaching 2: English and Mathematics PDT2015 Module
Supplementary and Independent Prescribing for Allied Health Professionals NURM045 Module
Sustainable Manufacture ENVM072 Module
Sustainable Resources management. ENVXXXX Module
Teaching, Learning and Assessment ITTM003 Module
Techniques in Molecular Biology SLS2014 Module
The Compromised Newborn MID2029 Module
The Creative Practitioner MUS2141 Module
The Developing Teacher of English ITT1030 Module
The Developing Teacher of Mathematics ITT1031 Module
The Developing Teacher of Science and Design and Technology ITT1032 Module
The Developing World DEV1002 Module
The Ecology of Contemporary Societies: Science, Technology, Environment SOCM084 Module
The History of Economic Thought ECN2017 Module
The Philosophy of Music MUS3135 Module
The Placement Year Experience: Organsations in Context HRM2053 Module
The Political Economy of Development DEV3002 Module
The Political Economy of Development ECN3015 Module
The Politics of Aid IRDM080 Module
The Politics of Latin American Development IRDM028 Module
The Politics of sub-Saharan Africa IRDM076 Module
The Social Context of Sport and Exercise SPO1038 Module
The Sociological Imagination SOC1078 Module
Theoretical Approaches to Global Comparative Politics IRD3055 Module
Theoretical Underpinnings of Supervision PSYM116 Module
Trauma Fiction LITM026 Module
Understanding Autism Spectrum SENM026 Module
Understanding Dyslexia: Identification, Curriculum and Teaching SENM028 Module
Understanding Economic Data ECN1016 Module
Understanding The Nature of Literacy Difficulties and Specific Learning Difficulities (Dyslexia) SENM035 Module
University Resources UNR1000 Module
Using Experiences Outside the School to Inspire and Support Learning PDT2016 Module
Values, Assessment and Engagement PSY3051 Module
Values, Assessment and Engagement PSYM103 Module
Varieties of English for Academic Purposes EDUM150 Module
Violence and the Law in English Society HISM046 Module
Visual Studies for Games 1 CSY1048 Module
Wastes and Resources Management ENVM061 Module
Website Management CSY2042 Module
Witchcraft and Heresy in Early Modern Europe HIS3022 Module
Writing in the World LIT2069 Module

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